Best Places to Go for a Christmas Day Lunch in Sydney

Christmas Day lunches in Sydney are traditionally a special affair with immediate and extended family coming together to celebrate the holiday, exchange gifts, drink and make merry! But preparing a multi-course feast befitting a great annual celebration is no mean feat, especially for the family members on kitchen duty. Why go through long and laborious […]

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Vivid Sydney Cruise

Winning a Vivid Sydney Cruise Ticket by Chance My decision to further my education in Australia has turned out to be one of the best moves I’ve made -so far, that is! My first two months have been all about settling down, testing the waters, familiarising myself with Sydney and of course the people – […]

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Australia’s Four Most Haunted Places

Images of haunted and spooky buildings is not what you get when you think of Australia. Your mind can most likely only conjure up kangaroos and sunny days. But in fact, eerily haunted places do exist in Australia! And they’re more than you’d like! Here’s a list of 4 haunted places in Australia: 1. Fremantle […]

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