The Best Ways To See Sydney

By Gee Yah

Sydney is a sprawling and diverse city built around a magnificent harbour. Abound with natural scenic wonders and modern engineering marvels, it is indeed a feast for the eyes!

The Sydney Explorer

The most traditional way of seeing Sydney is by boarding the Sydney Explorer bus. It goes around the entire city and stops at several points of interest. You may choose to alight and explore the area until the next bus comes along which is usually within 15 minutes, or you may want to stay on the bus and head on to the next attraction.



The Sydney Tower and Skywalk

An exciting way to view Sydney is from the top – the top of the Sydney Tower that is. The Tower is the highest point above the city with an Observation Deck at 250 meters above street level. Here, breathtaking and sweeping 360˚ views of the city stretch out for miles. If you like a bit of adventure, then the Skywalk is definitely for you. The Skywalk allows you to actually walk outside of the Tower itself using external walkways. From this high-adrenaline vantage point, you will be able to see all the city’s historic and cultural attractions. Then comes the real test. For real thrill, you can venture out further onto moving glass-floored platforms suspended over the city 260 meters below. It’s like walking on air!


The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Another spectacular way to view Sydney is the BridgeClimb, a 3 1/2 hour guided climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of Sydney’s world-famous landmarks. Dubbed as “the climb of your life”, catwalks and ladders take you to the summit at 134 meters above Sydney Harbour from where you can have exhilarating aerial views of Sydney’s iconic landmark, the Sydney Opera House, as well as closer and stunning panoramic views of one of the world’s most beautiful harbours.




The Sydney Harbour Experience

With the harbour as its centerpiece, what better way to view Sydney than from the sparkling waterways of Sydney Harbour itself. A few steps from the Circular Quay will take you to the magnificent Sydney Opera House where you can climb the steps and take in the beauty of its architecture. You can also choose to unwind by sitting in one of the cafes that line the building. There’s nothing like sipping a rich cappuccino by the Sydney Harbour on a cool day. The Quay itself is quite a spectacle, with dozens of street entertainers seeking to amuse locals and tourists alike. Board a ferry, a water taxi, a cruise ship, a yacht or a jet boat at the bustling and colorful Circular Quay. Sail away to your heart’s content while soaking up the complexity and contradiction that is Sydney and savor the magnificent Sydney skyline with the setting sun.

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  • I am very fond of Sydney, which is one of the wealthy & rich places of the world. The place of attraction is the biggest tower of this city and we can say it, “the heart of Sydney”.

  • Maureen29 says:

    Island Gardens, the 3 million-square-foot development Related Group plans for Watson Island, will be reachable by car or bike — or water taxi, exMiami said.
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  • Sydney is one of the greatest cities on earth and definitely a must see. But besides the amazing places you can see inside the city, the surroundings offer plenty of tour attractions, filled with history and beauty, such as the Blue Mountains, the Convict Roads and the Hunter Valley. If you do visit Sydney, you might wanna take the time to see these places as well.

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