Australia and New Zealand
while being very close neighbours
have differences in their
laws, culture and landscape.

Each having it’s own beauty and attractions.

Here at AUNZTIMES we will help you get value for your holiday $$$.

You will learn …..

Where to go…..Places to see….Where to stay….How to get there….Where to eat….

Read stories about people like yourself who share their experiences

Good and bad so we can all benefit .


It is not our intention to compete with the travel professionals…

we are not in the travel business….

Remember your agent is a wealth of knowledge and has the experience to guide you
with all your travel requirements

We enjoy travelling our country

and sharing our experiences

As no one person can see & do it all we ask you to please
share your experiences with us.

What did you do last weekend?

How about your holidays?

Enjoyed a good meal recently?

What about that great bottle of wine?