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10 Tips To Choose A Charter Bus Service

Are you planning to go around a new region with an organised group? If so, renting a good charter bus may be a good idea. It will be responsibility of the bus driver to take care of the transit so you can enjoy the spectacular views through the bus window. Here are some tips to …

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Cruising and Beach Camping Around the Incomparable Whitsundays

The archipelago is made of 74 islands of different sizes along the coast of Queensland, Australia, 900 km North of Brisbane. Five have got resorts but most of them are inhabited. Whitsunday Island is the centre of the group. It was named by Captain Cook by mistake. He thought that he discovered it on Whitsunday, …

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Top Tips to Plan the Perfect Girls Weekend on the Sunshine Coast

Top Tips to Plan the Perfect Girls Weekend on the Sunshine Coast If you have the job of organising a girls weekend getaway or hens party, the task can be really daunting. Firstly, you are so spoilt for choice and with so much choice it can be very difficult to make a decision. Then add …

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 Best Places to Go for a Christmas Day Lunch in Sydney

Christmas Day lunches in Sydney are traditionally a special affair with immediate and extended family coming together to celebrate the holiday, exchange gifts, drink and make merry! But preparing a multi-course feast befitting a great annual celebration is no mean feat, especially for the family members on kitchen duty. Why go through long and laborious …

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How to Hike Smart in Extreme Hot Temperatures

Despite the excessive heat warning, it is likely to still experience the outdoors in this hot summer weather. The only thing you need to do is modify your reasoning a little and be aware of safety measures as you hit the trails. Do not allow yourself to be one of those heat drained hikers, take …

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Vivid Sydney Cruise

Winning a Vivid Sydney Cruise Ticket by Chance My decision to further my education in Australia has turned out to be one of the best moves I’ve made -so far, that is! My first two months have been all about settling down, testing the waters, familiarising myself with Sydney and of course the people – …

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Solar Backpacks … Alternative Energy Source

Use Solar Backpacks: Alternative Energy Source for Eco-Friendly Living   The backpack is an important daily utility item for students, working professionals and even those on long outing, adventure journey etc. Why not consider the idea of carrying a solar backpack instead of your regular one. In this article, you will find how amazing these …

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Seven Tips On Landscape Photography

Learn the tricks to improve your landscape pictures from our experts. We give you seven tips to help you take pictures with a breath of fresh air. 1. Light: Mesmerizing landscape photos are majorly defined by the amount and quality of light they were shot in. If you observe, most photographers prefer to shoot early …

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