Kapiti Island New Zealand

Kapiti Island New Zealand

By Jacob Schweitzer

Kapiti Island

Kapiti IslandKapiti Island New Zealand


New Zealand is a natural playground for those who love to enjoy what Mother Nature is able to create.

The diverse terrain ranging from lush rainforests to icy glaciers makes a visit here special in almost any area of the country but along the Kapiti coast north of Wellington lies a little gem many tourists don’t check out.

Rules for Courteous Camping

 Courteous Camping

By John E Bosch


If you’ve ever seen the Vacation movies with Chevy Chase there’s no way you can forget the Griswolds and cousin Eddie and the hilariously stupid things they did while traveling. It was funny to watch cousin Eddie use a storm drain as a dump station for his motor home, but it’s not quite as amusing when real people are so inconsiderate at real campgrounds.

Everyone Came to Have a Good Time

5 Irresistible Benefits Of Renting An RV

Benefits Of Renting An RV

By Kyle Orton


More and more families are addicted to this recreational activity and they rent vehicles in order to have a beautiful vacation in the middle of the nature.

Hiring an RV is not that hard and you get plenty of benefits. Furthermore, you get the chance to spend a few days and nights with your family and have a great time together.


If you want more details and you are interested in the full range of benefits, then read on and you might find useful information.

Tips For Traveling With Toddlers

Traveling With Toddlers


By Marife T Abellon

Our family loves to spend time together traveling. From a day trip, to a weekend getaway, or flying across the continent to have a vacation with our ever-missed bunch of relatives and big family circle, we put our perspectives to enjoy and have fun in our journeys.

Our three and a half year-old son – Benjamin has grown up and as we walk our ways in the road of parenting, we have picked up so many treasures of life lessons even just in traveling alone; as we continue our trip of wonderful and beautiful life… here are some thoughts I can share when bringing your toddler boy for a travel.

Fixing Australia’s Economy

Suggestion for fixing Australia ‘s economy.

Canberra Parliment House

Canberra Parliment House



Instead of giving billions of dollars to car companies & other business that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan..



You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan:

There are about 10 million people over 50 in the work force.

Pay them $1 million each severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:

 1) They MUST retire.

Ten million job openings – unemployment fixed


     2) They MUST buy a new Australian car.

Restaurant Australia

Restaurant Australia is Tourism Australia’s latest film.

Watch it here …. your comments are always welcome.

Dangerous Australian Animals

Dangerous Australian Animals

By: Sydney L.

Every country whether popular or just another simple can pose extreme danger through animal encounters. Just like the Land Down Under – Australia that has a collective of faunas posing danger to both its locals and visitors.

Australia is not only famous for kangaroos, but famous for having some of the world’s dangerous animals enlisted in its top ten.

Here are the animals in Australia that top the ten most dangerous:

The Box JellyFish

Saving for a Holiday

139050Economic conditions may fluctuate for better or for worse, but there are some things that somehow remain constant. One of these constants in life is the desire — or even the need — to go on a holiday. Saving money for a holiday may be harder to do when the economic goes through tough times, but a little resourcefulness and creativity can take you a long way.

If you have gone on holidays in the past, you should already have a fairly good idea of your spending pattern during such times. For your next holiday, you plan on saving money for it every month. Cutting your expenses on coffee and meals at work by even $25 a week can add up to $1,200 in a 48-week working year.

Heart Pumping Adventure Travel


How to Experience Heart Pumping Adventure Travel in Australia

By Graeme Lanham

It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life and half way through this adventure, I wished I had never been stupid enough to try it. Yet at the finish of this adrenaline pumping experience my tortured body was ready to start again. How crazy is that?

Our gut wrenching adventure was trying to tame North Queensland’s mighty Tully River clinging to flimsy inflatable rafts and battling rapids and rocks on our watery journey from the top of the Great Dividing Range down to the coastal plain.

Tour Tasmania by Road


Tour Tasmania by Road
By Tracey L Christensen

hobart_map_cityTasmania may be small in size but its overflowing with natural beauty and a rich history. Tasmania’s small size makes it the ideal destination for a road trip and the close proximity of each town means you can spend more time exploring and less time driving.

Day 1 – Devonport

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