The Dangers of Rip Currents to People and Pets


The Dangers of Rip Currents to People and Pets By Linda Goguen    A rip current is a strong, localized and rather narrow current of water. Rip currents are usually strongest near the surface of the water and they move directly away from the shore, cutting through the lines of breaking waves. From oceans, seas …

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Cleaning Your Camera


By Jovia D’Souza  A well-maintained camera is always of value to any photographer. Whether you are into photography professionally or you just love snapping beautiful images for personal pleasure, you must learn how to maintain the camera. Apart from getting a high quality camera bag to keep it safe, you must also do proper cleaning of …

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Avoid These 10 Newbie Photographer Fails

10 Newbie Photographer Fails By Graham Wadden  There is an awful lot of things to learn when you get your very first camera, especially if it’s an ultra-modern, sophisticated DSLR, with shed-loads of features. So, it’s not surprising that mistakes will be made by many a newbie photographer. Here’s a short list of ten common …

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Why Mobile Apps Are Needed for the Travel Industry


  The travel business is getting more focused and specialised day by day, and advancements in mobile applications for leisure and tourism are now warming up like never before. In this way, those travel organizations that wish to speak adequately to their clients to convey live news and updates are currently confronted with the need …

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Top 5 Tips Backpackers Should Follow


By  Dylan Flint  Arranging a visit to enjoy the rich verdure of the nation, scattered in different National Parks and Sanctuaries are entirely simple, however there needs to be some sort of planning involved in it. Appropriate planning and sorting out things can help explorers to appreciate the excursion with no anxiety. Packing is not …

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The Art of Planning a Road Trip

Road Trip

Pack Your Toothbrush – And a Sense of Adventure: I have a tendency to think that “Planning” and “Road Trips” are something of an oxymoron. Road trips, by nature, are an adventure — just a group of family members or friends, maybe a dog or two, and the open road. But there are a few …

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Counting The Pennies


  By Kacy_Carr So you are one of those people who Love Holidays and are working all the hours god sent to cover the cost only to find that all your hard earned cash is never enough to meet with the needs of you and your family having a good time. Holidays, can you ever …

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Offsite Airport Parking Versus Onsite Parking


By Kathryn Lively The plane tickets are purchased, the vacation days are set, the mail is on hold and somebody will be by to water the plants. Every detail of your coming trip is handled, except for the question of what to do with your car. If you are unable to get a ride to …

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The Best Australian Luxury Rail Tours


Much of Australia’s vast continent is uninhabited due to the harsh climate of the outback. Driving across the desert can be a hazardous and demanding task. It is for this reason that luxury rail tours provide the perfect alternative to driving. Travellers can visit the heart of the outback in perfect air-conditioned luxury.     …

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